How To Relaunch A Blog After A Hiatus

How To Relaunch A Blog After A Long Hiatus

Heeeeellllllooooo… this thing on? 

WELP! It’s been a VERY long time since I’ve written a blog post… about a year and 10 months to be exact. Yikes!

I started this blog while getting my Masters in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University (woot! woot!). That's where I discovered my passion to empower and educate artists about the 'BUSINESS', in music business. Graduating with a developed business plan in-hand, I went right into establishing my small business, which included servicing clients; alongside my 9-5. It has its challenges (add to that having a baby), but it's been enjoyable helping people establish their online presence through social media and website content for almost three years now.

BUT, I had abandoned the blog. It was dead, ya'll.

After some soft nudging from some clients and friends, I started to feel motivated to write again.

So, I said to myself, "Self, how do I revive this blog? Can I really just jump right back in?" Questions like these pop up in blogger Facebook groups all the time. Why not go back to the reasons you started writing in the first place? I went through a checklist that was useful when I started the blogging years ago. Here are just 5 topics I considered before starting (or…restarting) my blog.

- What Am I Passionate About?

I was listening to an interview that featured Alexandra Wolf and she said that “your passion will DRIVE you to what you want to do and make sure it gets done.” It’s very important that you’re excited about sharing your knowledge and/or opinions on the topic of your blog. Feeling purpose for what you write about is the fuel that pushes you through the ups and downs of blogging. I happen to really enjoy discussing the process of creating music and the sometimes problematic climate of the music industry. Having experience and education in both realms gives me unique insight on the subject.

- Is There A Target Market For My Topic?

If you’re concerned about whether or not people will read your blog, you’re going to need to do a little research. You can google other blogs that might focus on the same content to see how well they were doing. I did some searches on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to see if people were talking about anything related to music or music business. I also suggest Google Trends as a handy tool that gives a bigger scope of what people are talking about all over the world. And if you really feel like going down the rabbit hole… see what kinds of related topics or questions are being discussed on Reddit or Quora. Because I’m surrounded by musicians and creative people here in Nashville, I’m well aware of the need of this kind of information.

- Is There Room For My Blog?

Ya’ll. There are TONS of blogs out there. TONS. And whether you’re starting from scratch or jumping back in the blogging game after a few years like me, you need to check out what everyone else might be doing. Now I’m not saying you should copy them, but you might learn some things inserting yourself into a blogging community and learning about the new tips and tricks to have a successful blog. I researched and followed a lot of influencers in the blogging world and learned A LOT that I hadn’t considered years ago. Then I really focused on blogs in my niche to see if there was a place for my voice.

- Getting My Confidence (Back)

While I was/am excited to bring back the blog, I had to admit that I was scared! I had much more structure in school and obviously I hadn’t really written since. It was very easy to compare myself to other bloggers as well. I read some amazing blogs and thought, wow… I am NOT this good. BUT, I believed I had something to say in only the way I could say it! That’s what brought me back to reality. If only 2 or 3 people read this blog and gain something, then I will be satisfied. I believe that I have a wealth of knowledge on the subject of music, music business, marketing and much more based on my education and experience. So I snapped out of it and started writing!

- Website/Blog Design/Rebranding

So, I have had a website because I had clients but it really wasn’t blog friendly. It was more of a landing page with social media connected to it. Wack. I mean I loved the landing page but I needed to think bigger than that. I also gave no consideration about branding my website/blog/social media. I had a logo, real brand structure outside of that. So this time around, I took the advice of long-time bloggers and made a concerted effort to tie everything into one theme or brand. From the colors to the fonts I used, I wanted everything to form my brand’s identity. I want people to look at my website, social media, blog posts and know what that it was Studio Workshop Group content.

After this analysis, I felt more confident about starting over and rehashing my blog to support my business. I enjoy sharing information I’m passionate about to other creatives and artists aspiring to be successful in the entertainment industry. I hope that you will take this journey with me!… again.

Are you re-launching a blog? Do you have any other concerns not listed here? Comment below.