#TheTwitterMixtape: A Winter Experiment Released

We at @TheMixCrew recognized that there were talented musicians that released quality music, but didn't have the platform to gain more potential fans. @TheMixCrew acted as A&Rs, and asked artists for submissions, voted on the best songs, compiled and sequenced, mastered, and released the project (for free) to critical acclaim. Click #TheTwitterMixtape tag on Twitter and see what people are currently saying about the project.


The mixtape is a Hip-Hop/R&B project comprised of several different very talented, unsigned, up & coming artists on Twitter. They span from all over the country, sharing the goal of creating the best music possible.  There are many different styles and flavors on this mixtape, and it all gels cohesively. This was a passion project for @TheMixCrew, and we're very pleased with the outcome! Fans can download the project for free at TheMixCrew.com or stream at http://thetwittermixtape.bandcamp.com/.

Contact TheMixCrew Here:

Email: TheTwitterMixtape@gmail.com
Website: TheMixCrew.com
Tumblr: TheTwitterMixtape.tumblr.com
Twitter: @TheMixCrew
Souncloud: soundcloud.com/thetwittermixtape


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