How To Grow Your Fans With Social Media

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One of the first questions I get from potential clients is, "Why is social media important for me? I don't feel like posting about myself on the internet all day." And I get it. It can be overwhelming to people who aren't familiar with tweeting or posting on Instagram. 

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But online presence is very important for artists these days.  Social media has contributed to the success of several popular acts.  Singers as big as Justin Beiber and Katy Perry can credit websites like Twitter and Facebook to their mass following of supporters.  Beiber uses these sites to get information on his music and performances out to millions of fans.  He began his career by posting videos of him singing on YouTube and continues to use social media to spread the word of new projects.  Perry currently has 96.7 million followers on Twitter and 70.4 million likes on Facebook.  She doesn’t just use these sites to talk about her music, she doesn’t mind talking about her personal life including responses to rumors.

Lots of great music suggestions can be found via social media.  Artists know how important it is to flood social media websites with interaction to gain new fans and connect with their current fans.  This weekend we attended a Mayer Hawthorne concert where he has a moment called “Picture Time”.  He brings out a photographer and takes pictures with the audience.  Afterwards, he lets the crowd know that they can find the picture on his website and social media sites and tag yourself. Of course I could only find my hands. *rolls eyes* lol.  This shows that he knows how critical it is to interface with supporters online.

The Berklee Case Book - A Study Of Artists’ Online Presence gives a great argument on how important online presence can further the success of artists in the music industry.  You can find profiles of the online presence of very prominent artists.  We found the case studies to be informative and entertaining.  It gave great insight on how to have a successful online presence.  Having a healthy balance of transparency but tact is important in the social media world.  You want to gain fans and not turn them off by giving too much info in a non-professional way.  John Mayer actually got in trouble once with his tweets a few years ago because his humor wasn’t always received in the way he intended.  You always have to be aware of what you put out on the Internet and how it can be interpreted.  New artists should take advantage of social media because it can help build a following with little to no cost.  You have to find your purpose and constantly share your relevant content because social media moves so fast.