How To Upgrade Your Music Industry Presence With An EPK

Upgrade Your Music Industry Presence with an EPK.png

In the music industry, having a press kit that is informative and entertaining helps you stand out. You want to be able to tell your audience everything about your brand in a nice neat package.  Jonathan Ostrow writes, “every brand needs to be packaged in a way that will effectively showcase its strengths and marketability.”  And because the industry is very competitive, artists need press kits to make a powerful first impression.

You want to be able to tell your audience everything about your brand in a nice neat package.

There are two types of press kits used today; the traditional press kit and electronic press kit (EPK).  I’d prefer to make both available to agents or record labels.  While it is very important to have an online presence, a tangible product is necessary and shows that you took the time to produce one.  An artist’s press kit should include a biography, a demo, professional photo/headshot, a schedule of live performances, press reviews and contact information.  All of these pieces are vital to having a complete press kit.  You want to convey to your audience that you are professional, you have a following and that you have the talent to be successful.


There are many websites that can assist artists in creating the perfect press kit. offers an Electronic Press Kit services for $5.95 a month.  This price includes an unlimited amount of standard and premium EPK submissions.  Unlimited audio and photo storage is included along with video support.  They can also provide detailed analytic tracking and demographic data.  There is also an option for a show schedule, high-res media photos and press clippings.  All of these components are essential to creating an effective press kit.  ReverbNation’s competitor, SonicBids, offers similar services but at $12.99 a month with additional fees.  Each artist has different needs but between these and other companies, the information and help you need is out there.  Research and educate yourself on a successful EPK today!